Elisabeth Singler


A qualified naturopathnutritionistherbalist and registered nurse, Elisabeth has combined her medical background with naturopathic knowledge and experience to become one of Australia’s leading naturopaths. Drawing from over 32 years of hands-on experience, she has successfully treated over 5000 patients using a variety of treatments that achieve lasting good health.

As a Senior Naturopath, Elisabeth’s approach fuses the latest scientific research with traditional natural medicine to determine, then solve the root cause of illness. Her aim is for you to return to optimal health as soon as possible and with as little interruption to your daily life.

Elisabeth at a glance:

  • 32 years healthcare experience (14 years’ as a registered practicing naturopath)
  • 5000+ people treated for conditions and diseases
  • Western herbalist qualified with on-site liquid herbal dispensary
  • AHPRA registered nurse (NMW0001432460)
  • ATMS registered naturopath (9384)
  • Qualified Nutritionist

See Elisabeth’s website Brisbane Naturopath for more information.