Libby Baensch

Counsellor & Relationship Therapist

Hi, I’m Libby

          My therapy style is client focused (what my clients want, and who they are, is at the centre of my work with them), integrated (I put together a mix of therapies that best suit my clients), systemic (people are not islands, those we live with, grew up with etc really do matter, they affect us, and we them), attachment based (the idea that our need to feel safe and secure with those closest to us really, really matters, without it we are in distress, this explains a lot!) and trauma informed (I engage with my clients in a way that have been proven to increase their sense of safety and empowerment, this is especially important if they have experienced trauma).

          I believe that we are made for relationships, and even though we are hurt in relationships, healthy, connected, respectful relationships are key to our healing. Therefore, my work centres around forming a safe, caring relationship with my clients, where they can process why they are hurting and struggling, what is happening to them, how they are responding, what they want and how they can best move forward.

          I respectfully engage with clients from all walks of life and faiths. As a Christian, with some theology training, I have spiritual understanding and experience, which some of my clients find deeply beneficial for processing life, God, and relationships. I understand the dynamics of spiritual abuse and the trauma that a person can experience in a church.

          My ongoing learning has refined and sharpened my ability to sit in the counselling room and help my clients. This is some of the studies I have completed –

  • Master Degree of Clinical Family Therapy – Latrobe University/Bouverie
  • Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Integrated Psychotherapy (Spiritual) –
  • Graduate Diploma Family and Systemic Therapy – ACU/Williams Road Family Therapy Clinic
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Externship and Core Skills A – ACEFT
  • Working Therapeutically with Complex Trauma Clients (Level 2)-Three Phased Approach (Blue Knot)

          I am a registered member of Christian Counsellors Association of Australia, Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia and the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy.

My counselling practice is called Restore Relationship Therapy. To restore your hope, your heart and your relationships is what I would like the opportunity to help you to do.

Please see my website for more information.